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Based on our founder, Toru Itoi’s more than 25 years continuous research as an engineer and a designer of washi cloth, we have pursued this unique fiber as the sustainable quality. While we received patents through the cloth, the yarn and its finished products which could generate the maximum benefits of the nature from washi, we internationally started this activity since January 2016. Washi is our important Japanese culture and the gift from the nature.


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Our Mission

Washi fibers utilizing nature itself is biocompatible with our skin very much. Our commitment is to spread our Washi yarn and cloth to all over the world while we keep introducing the nature-driven healthy lifestyle through this direct contact. We are looking forward to encountering people and company who would show the interest in this unique fiber and develop final products for consumers with us.

About Washi

Paper manufacturing technique was originally brought to Japan with the Buddhism missionary around 6th century and the unique Japanese method of Washi production was developed based on the knowledge. Our traditional houses divide the space in the house by Shoji, and Fusuma sliding door, which are typical Washi products. Such thin washi paper has served the function of natural air conditioner and humidity controller over the years. Further, Washi cloth is equipped with porous feature and great many microbes that live in the pores purify and cleanse the surroundings.

Development Concept

Our core concept is to utilize the gift from the nature as much as possible as is. Therefore it is our very important concept that the direct contact on our skin should be 100% Washi or very close to 100%.

  • 01 we meant to develop this cloth for lining without sweat

  • 02 upper and insole surface for shoes / foot skin receives 100% washi/ patented special double layered

  • 03 back side of #02 / there is some polyester which strengthen the cloth / this side doesn’t contact foot skin

  • 04 the light penetrates through our washi cloth for the shoes lining

  • 05 jersey made by washi yarn / more you wash, the touch of the cloth would be customized for your one and only.

  • 06 waffle construction like “washi cloth crater“ / for bathrobe and towel

  • 07 the perfect outdoor shirts made by the woven yarn-dye cloth

  • 08 the double russell cloth for sports shoes / the white yarn facing foot skin are made by washi fiber

Materials & Environment

At the moment, Itoitex deals with two materials for washi fibers. One is Abaca and another is Softwood. Abaca,a kind of grass, being cultivated in Ecuador with the organic certification is exported to Japan as the raw material. The softwood is grown mostly in all over the world. We use the one in inland Canada where it takes 80 to 100 years to be grown due to the cold climate. The forestry manufacture is responsible for the forest maintenance and does not waste any. Our material is from disposals after lumbers are cut down. As the feature of the pulp, they are exported to Japan. For both Abaca and Softwood, the first process in Japan is to produce paper. Both of global materials are very sustainable and eco-friendly caring for the environment.

End-products Application

Introduction of products made by our cloth and yarn.

Messages from Toru Itoi

Messages relating to washi he would like to spread internationally