Company name ITOI LSR Co.,Ltd.
Address headquarter
861-11 Komatsuri-cho Kishiwada-shi Osaka Japan 596-0821
TEL +81 72 445 8800 FAX +81 72 445 8908

Tokyo Office
2-1-1120 Udagawa-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 150-0042
TEL +81 3 5428 2361 FAX +81 3 542802395


Born in February 1937
After Toru Itoi started working for the textile company, he decided to visit both Europe and USA to check out their culture about the cloth. It was by the boat called Brazil taking him to San Francisco in 3 weeks. Based on the experience with this journey, he established his own company and succeeded as the manufacturer of the high quality fashion cloth. Among his outstanding outcome, he was the first Japanese cloth maker to export to such international major luxury brands as Hermes in France, he designed and produced American team uniform for LA Olympic in 1984 and he participated in the most prestigious fashion cloth trade show, Premiere Vision in Paris as the first Japanese company. He finally encountered Washi 25 years ago.
While he cares obtaining various patents, he aims utilizing washi fibers for sports and healthier life style under ITOI LSR (life style research) Co., ltd.
His continuous passion spreading washi all over the world never be faded.