ITOTEXs another genius achieved line production= so called Direct Washi System in the making of Washi-yarn; a Good-Bye to individuals stressful craftmanship that often arises with short of flexibility and uniformity. ITOTEXs Washi-yarn pledges you to be invited like into forests where nature-based maximum relaxing you sink into, the forest the thread material actually comes from.

Washi yarns = Yarns from the Paper based on Japanese culture becomes beyond Arts & Crafts, which you can use for entire life style products. 

The material of Paper is pulp made by Softwood and 10g/㎡(very light and it floats on water.)paper is produced with clean water by our Japanese collaborating paper mill. Our direct washi system will slit them into 1.2mm and twist washi vertically with very thin cored other fibers such as recycled polyester to have the yarns enough elongation while washi covers majority of surface on the yarns. 

Producing Paper out of softwood pulp would not lose the natural function of tree’s porous feature which provides us with various properties such as deodorant  , anti-bacteria, quick absorption & dry, even biodegradation of formaldehyde..etc. 

Our motto is The nature is the best!  Shall we live with nature?

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