Awesome healthy lifestyle through the direct contact between the washi fiber and our skin

~Can you envision you are surrounded by the eco-friendlier and healthier fibers derived from the co-exist with the nature ?~

  • Shoes

    You won’t sweat much inside the shoes thanks to washi cloth.
    The foot climate affects your health!

  • Leather driving shoes

    The quality leather and washi could get along with for your foot climate and you can enjoy barefoot.

  • Shoes

    Wildling, German brand, was born with the hint from Japanese “TABI”.
    They named washi version “TANUKI” = RACCON!
    This is the fantastic healthy shoes for infant, kids and adults to elderly and even strengthens your leg and feet!

  • Shoes

    ORIGAMIX utilizes washi most. You would feel wind coming in & out on the toe.

  • Knitted upper shoes

    We believe this is the ultimate shoes people are looking for!

  • Socks

    TJAR, Trans Japan Alps Race, is incredible trail race for 415 with max.8 nights.
    Many of participants depend on washi socks.

  • Insole

    They say foot is our second heart, so why not contact with nature?

  • Cap

    Washi naturally protects from the ultraviolet rays.

  • T shirt (underwear)

    You can comfortably wear dry in any circumstances.

  • Woven shirts

    The best cloth for outdoor sports.

  • Sport Gears

    Athletes would wear gears in washi shortly to solve the problem of sweat, bad odors, coldness, UV rays….etc.

  • Bed sheets (flat & cover) and pillow case

    About 1/3 of our life is to sleep, why not being wrapped by nature

  • Bathrobe

    You will be amazed how fast washi absorb moistures.

  • Towel

    You can reduce # of laundry with washi thanks to microbes.
    Washi contributes to environment for sure.

  • Sheer curtain

    Washi purifies the air thanks to microbes just like “charcoal”.

  • Watch belt

    Washi could contribute to skin allergies.