The typical supporting “voices” wearing washi socks, which Itoitex were motivated to develop washi fibers’ further.
We provided about 5000 pairs of socks for various athletes to be tested during the road races, trail races, climbing,..etc for 7 years. These testimonies were our milestones.

◇Yoko Yamazawa ( ultra marathon top athlete) from:April 10, 2012
・Washi socks?? I felt strange. In the beginning, I felt a bit tight on the toe and the instep but once started running, the socks fitted my foot and I didn’t feel I was wearing socks due to its lightness. I always feel comfortable no matter my foot gets wet due to rains or sweats as the socks wicks away moistures so quick. In addition, I won’t get blisters even after the long distance and even feel less tired after the races. And the durability was more than I expected, so I finally met the ideal socks for me. By now, this socks is my necessity for my life from races, training, and daily use. PS : She won 100km ultra marathon race in Okinawa 15 times consecutively.

◇Mr.Yoshihiro Machida ( trail runner & TJAR/415km participant ) from:June 18, 2012
・I have worn some times and in nut shell, it is very good socks.
①During the trail running, socks always become wet due to rain, mud, morning dew, ..etc. I did not feel uncomfortable although my socks got wet even under the rain for long hours.
②During the trail running, it is easy to receive blisters due to the heat and moistures but I hardly received them with this socks. Simply my foot injuries are reduced.
③The durability is good enough. I often receive holes after several usages from the regular five-finger socks but washi socks fits to each foot fingers, therefore I feel it lasts longer.
④I don’t take off socks when I take a rest or nap during the races, even the severe race I carry backpack for a few days under the cold climate. I didn’t feel washi socks are wet, so I could sleep well without any stress. On the next day, I kept wearing same socks under the rain till the night.

◇Mr.Jiro Fukunaga ( jogger ) from:May 13, 2014
・I tested washi socks by running 7km in the morning.
As it rained heavily during the night, there were lots of puddles, so I could not escape running. The socks became almost soaked, however in a minute or so, I started forgetting that my foot was really wet. Then in five minutes, I completely forgot it. At the final 1km or so, I ran into puddles again but I experienced same feeling!
Another surprise was when I went home. There were not footprints with my feet! They were amazingly almost dried although shoes were still so wet. I kept wearing socks and had a breakfast comfortably. I guess I could keep wearing shoes although they get wet.

◇Mr.Kazuhiro Matsuura ( TJAR/415km Finisher) from:February 9, 2015
・He has worn washi socks for 3 years
In winter mountain, I have to walk into snow and my wet feet become very cold. However wearing washi socks made my feet less cold, even warmer. My observation is that my foot skin doesn’t feel wet although washi socks gets wet rather than the comment that washi socks dries fast after it gets wet. Moisture does not stay on the skin, therefore it does not make my feet cold and make blisters occurred neither. I am looking forward to wearing washi shoes next and support the washi program.

This testimony is about bad odors.
◇Mr.Takaki Yamanaka ( trail athlete ) from:October 2, 2013
・I exceptionally sweat a lot and have been annoyed this since I was elementary student.
I received a pair of washi socks and worn next day at my friend, Mr.Kabasawa’s ( he is desert trail runner) wedding although I was a bit worry about my foot sweat. I thought it was a nice test wearing the leather shoes on the washi socks for many hours.
Actually my foot sweated during the wearing the shoes. However I didn’t feel sort of nasty stickiness between the socks and foot kin. Besides on the way back to my home after the wedding, I didn’t feel tired with my shoes on the train.
Finally this was the most surprising story. When I was back to the house, I took off my socks and smelled it??? I found the socks were not stinky. Then I tried smelling my foot and found that it wasn’t stinky, neither. It was just amazing experience I have never had!! I had to let my friends know through SNS immediately. What a surprise with Washi socks!

These “voices” were not edited at all and we feel the full of immersion. All of them encountered something they have never experienced. We were convinced with them and started new development to contribute to shoes next. This was our commitment.