I have researched cloth for clothing as my long career.

About 20 years ago, there was an opportunity to encounter washi. Since then, I have researched washi yarns & cloth and my goal is to make washi fibers industrialized. Meantime I have realized the unique effect of washi fibers, which holds the vitality.

This effect is the fact and is the result more than the scientific proof. I believe this fact is natural mechanism beyond human knowledge and envision there are limitless potential about the development of washi fibers.

In the beginning, I did several tests among sports athletes to prove this invisible effect of washi fibers’ made products through socks, T-shirts, sleeping bags..etc. Fortunately I received lots of positive testimonies commenting “ drastic decrease of foot injuries “・“ not tired easily “・”easy to receive good sleep”・“skin becomes better condition” . . . etc. These effects from new fibers were very new to athletes as well. Finally I recognized that the nature is the best and committed to devote the rest of my career into washi fibers.

As our body is healthily consisted of about 60 trillion of cells and about 100 trillions of microbes’ activities, there are pores among washi fibers where some trillion of microbes are existed. So washi fibers bring the biodegradation action through trillions of microbes and they are suitable for our daily life and sports.

While the science is considered to prove the visible fact at the moment, I conclude that the work of washi fibers has infinite possibilities through invisible actions and realities, which would bring true health.

It should be the best opportunity with coming Tokyo Olympic in 2020 summer for us to embody these possibilities and we, Itoitex, will establish new peaceful and healthy washi fibers industry contributing to both people’s true health and the environment with our own unique & sustainable technology and concept.