There are various washi fibers’ characters which even other natural fibers do not have. In order to pull maximum benefits of washi fibers, the ideal composition is seemed 100% washi fibers as possible, however my conclusion is that good balanced combination of washi & synthetic fibers would perform better than 100% as the practical usages through the finished products. Itoitex’s washi fibers collection has been developed according to this concept. The typical techniques are such as the double layered and the unique spinning method with patents.

Benefits you can see and feel
◇Although you sweat, the cloth does not become sticky but is always dry.
◇Even when the cloth gets wet due to either sweat or water, you won’t feel wet.For this reason, you won’t feel cold after you sweat.
◇The breathability is excellent. If you let wind go through wet washi-cloth, it would be surprisingly dried fast. The speed may be about 5-8 times faster than cotton cloth.
◇The washi cloth naturally holds anti-bacteria and deodorant effect and these benefits do not deteriorate.
◇The washi cloth absorbs both water and oil. Washi has been historically used as an oil absorbing sheet paper especially for women’s face. This function only comes from washi cloth and you could minimize using soap and shampoo in order to be healthier and to be less injury. This is my perception from my research.
◇It is extremely light. The apparent specific gravity of washi is about 1/3 of cotton,1/2.6 of wool and 1/2.8 of polyester.
◇It is very strong against water but depending on the way washi is used, the strength would be different.
◇The friction heat won’t be caused on the washi-cloth. It is more obvious during intense sports

Invisible benefits
◇You won’t get tired and will specially recognize inside the shoes after wearing tight for long hours.
◇Washi would purify air inside the room and around your skin and it has been proved by various experiments
◇Washi functions as detoxification. Other natural cloths have some function for both detoxification and purification but Washi does most.
◇Because Washi cloth does not have much fluff on the surface, it does not cause dust.So pests such as mite could not approach in comparison with other cloths
◇There is no static electricity on washi-cloth. Generally it is same thing on other natural cloths. However washi cloth is seemed to function although it is blended with synthetic fibers
◇Washi cloth is biocompatible with skin of human-being. The biocompatibility maintains your good health.

I conclude that all of facts above are related to the function of invisible microbes, which you won’t find much among other fibers.

I will keep researching washi fibers in order to pull more benefits of washi , which would bring people better life among sports, beauty and health through touching washi products!